How to get a free Amazon Baby Welcome Box

How to get a free Amazon Baby Welcome Box

The below guide is for, but there are similar free offers for other international Amazon sites.

The Amazon Baby Box is a free gift from Amazon filled with a lot of useful items for when your baby arrives. The contents of the box changes from time to time, so it's not known what will be in yours until you open it up. In the past, there have been bibs, bottles, formula, clothing, baby wipes, lotion, toys, diapers and purée food. In order to get it, you do have to do a few things to qualify, the first being that you have to have an Amazon Prime membership.

1. Sign up for Amazon Prime

If you are already an Amazon Prime member (including Student), or have a membership through Amazon Household, then you can move on to next step.

If you are not yet an Amazon Prime member, you need to be one in order to get the free Baby Welcome Box. Good news is that Amazon offers a 30-day free trial, so if you are just looking for some freebies for your new baby, this is your free option. If you are planning to take advantage of the other benefits Prime offers, like 20% off diapers and baby food, then you'll definitely benefit from Prime.

2. Create an Amazon baby registry

Next, you'll need to create a baby registry. Just click on the Get Started button.

Then fill in the details of your registry.

3. Add items to your Amazon baby registry from the checklist

Visit your baby registry checklist. This is a handy tool for ensuring that you have everything you need for your baby. In order to qualify for the Welcome Box, you'll need to have at least one item from every category. You'll know that you've completed a category if the checkbox next to it is checked. Time to get clicking.

Once you're done, the section at the top of your baby registry will have the Welcome Box say, "Almost there".

4. Buy $10 worth of stuff from your Amazon baby registry

Back when the Baby Box first came out, you could get it without purchasing anything. The rules have changed a little since the gift was first introduced; you now need at least $10 worth of items (that could be 1 item or multiple items totaling to at least $10) purchased from your list before you qualify. It's worth it to note that gift cards and Prime membership don't go towards the total.

There's two ways of getting over the $10 threshold:

Someone buys $10 worth of stuff from your baby registry

If this is your official baby registry, then this is an easy way to meet the $10 quota. People will be buying stuff anyway, so once they do, you're ready to claim you free Welcome Box.

You buy $10 worth of stuff from your registry

This is a good option if you don't plan on using Amazon's registry (maybe because you have another one somewhere else) and just want the Welcome Box. Since you have Amazon Prime, there's no free shipping minimum to worry about if you're just ordering $10 worth of stuff.

5. Wait for your order to ship

Once your order ships, go back to your baby registry and there will be a link to claim your free Welcome Box!