Your baby is the size of a water bear.

Saguaro National Park / flickr

What's a water bear?

Only the most awesome micro-animal ever discovered

Also known as a tardigrade or a moss piglet, it's approximately 0.02 inches (0.05 centimeters) in length and lives just about everywhere and through everything you can possibly imagine.

  • Water bears can survive extreme cold absolute zero temperatures (-459°F/-273°C) and extreme heat (304°F/151°C)
  • Live in the vacuum of space (0 atm) and also comfortably in the deepest part of the Pacfiic Ocean, Mariana's trench (6,000 atm)
  • Absorb 1,000 times higher levels of radiation than other animals and not get cooked to death
  • Go 10 years without food or water

For something that is nearly indestructible, water bears are ridiculously cute.

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My baby a water bear